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Watch Wolves Claim Their Territories in GPS Map of Their Movements

The cryptic lives of gray wolves in Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park are revealed through stunning GPS location maps.
Sarah Emerson

Isaiah Washington is Putting NYC Hoops on His Back

Isaiah Washington is an anomaly: The rare NYC high school player who eschewed private school overtures and stayed in the city.
VICE Sports

College Football Team Ends Its Protest Over Sexual Assault Suspensions

The University of Minnesota football team went on strike last week after 10 of its members were suspended for their involvement in a sexual assault investigation. After reading an 80-page report detailing the alleged victim's horrifying experience...
Kimberly Lawson

Minnesota Football Players Call Off Holiday Bowl Boycott

University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler also wanted to clarify that the players were standing up for their teammates, and not condoning sexual assault.
Liam Daniel Pierce

It Took 15 Years to Map Every Gene Interaction in a Yeast Cell

Understanding how thousands of individual yeast genes interact in pairs could expose the underlying genetic bases of human diseases.
Daniel Oberhaus

There’s a Huge Unregulated Stem Cell Industry in the US

A new study finds well over 550 clinics in the US are selling unapproved stem cell treatments.
Daniel Oberhaus
weak in review

David Roth's Weak In Review: The Neverending End Of Deflategate

This was a bad week for football's authority figures, who were revealed as venal, criminally horny, and, in Deflategate, incompetent. It won't matter, of course.
David Roth
sexual harassment

Another Minnesota Athletics Administrator Accused of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Surprise, surprise.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Wildlife Drones May Stress Animals Out, Study Says

Drones are great for studying wildlife, but we’re only starting to learn how they affect the animals they monitor.
Matt Soniak
norwood teague

Star Tribune Reporter: Minnesota AD Harassed Me, Too

A reporter covering the University of Minnesota details her own story of harassment from AD Norwood Teague.
Sean Newell
Creepy dudes

Disgraced Former Minnesota AD Has Worst Text Game Ever

Norwood Teague resigned on Friday as a result of several illicit text messages.
Joseph Swide

Club Apples Are the Product of Fruit Dating and Mating

The ridiculously named fruits—think Zestar!, SweeTango, and SnapDragon—are changing the economics of apple growing.
Lauren Rothman