Survey Reveals 1 in 10 People Think Vegans Are Always "In A Mood"

Also, that a shocking number of people appear not to understand that lettuce is a vegetable.


Tofurkey Is Suing Missouri for the Right to Call Veggie Dogs 'Meat'

A new state law prohibits labeling any product as ‘meat’ unless it comes from an animal.


Veganism Is Growing in Japan, But Followers Say It Isn't Always Easy

How do you create a vegan movement in a country raised on broth made from pork bones?


Being a 9/11 First Responder Made Me a Fat Vegetarian

Sometimes you remember who you used to be and think, "How did I get here?" It was that motherfucker Osama Bin Laden.


Judge Convicts Parents After Baby Dies from Vegan Diet

The Belgian infant died weighing nine pounds, which is at least seven pounds underweight according to CDC numbers, and had organs that shrunk to half their normal size.


How to Keep the Peace at Dinner When You’re a Vegan Dating a Carnivore

We asked vegans what it’s like to date people who prefer to have ribs, ribs, and more ribs for dinner.


What Do Rappers Know About Tofu That We Don't?

An investigation into bean curds and rhymes.


Sorry, Vegans: A Third of People Wouldn’t Date You

New research from UK dating app Trueveiw has found that 34 percent of people wouldn’t date a vegan, and 77 percent wouldn’t give up meat for a partner.


In-N-Out Is Being Pressured via Petition to Start Serving Veggie Burgers

If another 2,000 people jump on this burgerless bandwagon, the petition will be delivered to In-N-Out president Lynsi Snyder who will probably skim it and then place it in her meat-free recycle bin.


Arby's Is Trolling Vegetarians on Leap Day

Arby’s recently announced its plan to effectively troll vegetarians by actually offering a “faux” vegetarian menu on the day that falls only once every four years: Leap Day.


A Third of Vegetarians Eat Meat When They’re Drunk

A new survey of British vegetarians has found that one in three veggies eat meat every time they’re drunk on a night out, with kebabs coming out as the favoured illicit meat snack.


India Is Upholding Its Beef Ban During the Most Meat-Centric Muslim Holiday

The bovine ban is having a bigger impact on Muslim than on Hindu communities, and is stirring longstanding ethnic tension.