I Had a Secret Vegetable Garden in Prison and It Was Awesome

We weren't actually allowed to garden, but that didn't stop us from doing it.


How Bad Is It if I Never Eat Any Vegetables?

Sorry, fried pickles don't count.


Inside NASA’s Space Farming Labs

If astronauts are going to make it on long duration space missions, they’re going to need some veggies.


Eat This Hearty Japanese Stew While Watching the Japan Episode of 'Fuck, That's Delicious'

Whether you're 150 pounds or tipping the scales at 450, everyone needs greens sometimes—and cabbage, bok choy, mushrooms, green onions, carrots, and daikon will hit the spot and do a sumo wrestler body good.


Preppers Taught Me How to Eat When the World Ends

I spoke to two very different preppers to understand how they plan to eat once the world comes to an end.


Dirty Work: Making Mushroom Rice and Brown-Butter Roasted Winter Veggies with Jamie Bissonnette

Toro chef Jamie Bissonnette swung by the MUNCHIES garden to show us how to take vegetables to the next level, and experienced a culinary "boner" in the process.


It’s Hard to Enjoy Going Out to Dinner When You’re a Chef

I don't think of myself as a demanding person, but since I work in a kitchen, I simply know the way certain things need to be prepared. If I don't think something tastes good at a restaurant, I’ll let them know. I’m paying for it, right?


Canada’s Food Guide Needs To Stop Juicing

Health experts have long criticized Canada's daily food guide, and one of the problems is a juicy one.


I Visited the Cult of White Asparagus

Germans take their asparagus very seriously: They have these “Spargelfests” (a.k.a. asparagus festivals) almost every weekend in May, where they elect asparagus queens and eat a ton of the foul-pee-inducing veggies.


Michael Pollan: Children Of The Corn

Michael Pollan is one of the foremost food and plant experts in America. He wrote The Botany of Desire a few years ago, he teaches about food, plants, and biodiversity at the University of California, Berkeley.