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The Photo Issue 2019

Ridiculous Photos of a Fun-Loving Vampire In a Resort-Wear Photoshoot

Lauren Servideo, a comedic Instagram icon, makes relatable, lovable, and cringeworthy character-driven videos for Instagram. We caught up with her about her characters, her daily routine, and more.
Lauren Servideo
Lula Hyers
a day ago
The Photo Issue 2019

Colorful Photos of Surreal Pimple Pops

Bringing the bizarre to an intimate (and slightly gross) level, Izumi Miyazaki reimagines chin extractions in the form of flying caviar and oozing ketchup and mustard.
Izumi Miyazaki
2 days ago
The Photo Issue 2019

Revisiting Colorful Images from Cindy Sherman's Clown Archive

For our annual photo issue, Cindy Sherman, the shape-shifting artist, shares two images from her archives.
Cindy Sherman
3 days ago
VICE Magazine

These Playful Photos Capture the Ridiculousness of Everyday Life

Toronto-based photographer Kyle Berger has a talent for perfectly creating little moments of hilarity in his life.
Kyle Berger
4 days ago
The Photo Issue 2019

VICE Magazine’s Photo Issue is a Celebration of the Absurd, the Lighthearted, and the Humorous

As much as we need to be informed, engaged, and aware, we also need to laugh. This year’s photo issue champions the people making art with a sense of humor. See it as your own personal reset button.
4 days ago
The Photo Issue 2019

Intimate Photos Capture a Photographer's Feminine Persona

For this year’s photo issue we’re thrilled to include images from the new book April Dawn Alison. The impressive self-portrait series begins in the 70s and spans 30 years.
April Dawn Alison
2019 VICE Photo Issue

Dive into a Decade of Absurd Photos Shot on Low-Quality Cellphones

Jerry Hsu’s upcoming photobook, 'The Beautiful Flower Is the World,' features hilarious images shot on BlackBerry smartphones.
Jerry Hsu
The Photo Issue 2019

This Photographer Really Hates Himself for Loving the Knicks

'Madison Square Garbage,' a series by Todd Midler that's featured in our upcoming photo issue, is a fabricated photographic archive of a basketball fan.
Todd Midler
The Photo Issue 2019

Toiletpaper’s Photos Push the Boundaries of Absurdist Photography

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, the duo behind the glossy biannual Toiletpaper magazine, share some new images and talk to us about bananas, inspiration, and humor.
Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari
The Truth and Lies Issue

Instagram and Snapchat Are Ruining Our Memories

Documenting our lives for Snapchat and Instagram can decrease the likelihood of retaining those moments as a significant memory.
Eda Yu
The Truth and Lies Issue

How to Manipulate Your Way into Power, in Four Complicated Steps

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin has been dead for over 100 years, but his tactics live on.
Amos Barshad
The Truth and Lies Issue

These Colorful Photos of America Represent One Photographer's Family History

In Emile Askey's new series, Monuments Are Forever, he takes a road trip throughout the South and Southwest of America to retrace the routes of his childhood travels.
Emile Askey