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The Borders Issue 2019

Municipal Borders Have a Huge Impact on Millions of People’s Daily Lives. Here Are a Few of America’s Starkest.

Piedmont, California; Grosse Pointe, Michigan; and Roxbury, Massachusetts, may be separated by thousands of miles, but they've been shaped by the same man-made forces.
Susie Cagle
Emma Ockerman
Drew Schwartz
5 days ago

The Female Pastors Making Space for Queer Christians to Express Their Faith

A new vanguard of female pastors is fighting for LGBTQ equality, standing up to a church that has long disempowered both women and queer people.
Melissa Pandika
The Borders Issue 2019

Filipino Chefs Are Taking Back Control of Their Cuisine

Filipino food is gaining worldwide popularity. But as the diaspora grapples with the country's multicultural history, the cuisine's identity is yet to be established.
Sai Villafuerte
The Borders Issue 2019

Photographs that Challenge Western Perceptions of Polynesian Women

With Illusions, photographer Namsa Leuba hopes to reverse Paul Gauguin's limited view of Polynesian femininity.
Namsa Leuba
The Borders Issue 2019

The Hidden Stress of Growing Up a Child of Immigrants

Though immigrants come from a variety of backgrounds, there are certain stressors that U.S.-born children of immigrants have in common.
Nicole Clark
The Borders Issue 2019

Hector Barajas Served in the American Military. He Was Deported Just the Same.

Military service, once the surest path to citizenship, is increasingly fraught with confusion and legal hurdles for the foreign-born.
Aaron Nelsen
The Borders Issue 2019

How the 'Suitable For All Ages' Standard Leads to Censorship Worldwide

In a world where many movies and TV shows are available on demand, studios and streaming services still go to great lengths to accommodate government censorship—and citizens will go further to sneak past them.
Eric Thurm
The Borders Issue 2019

Why Violence Persists in New Mexico's Indigenous Border Towns

Many of the state’s Indigenous residents live or depend upon its border towns where they have long come to work and trade. But they exist against a backdrop of racism, poverty, murder, police violence, and preventable deaths.
Samuel Gilbert
The Borders Issue 2019

Striking Images of Gibraltar, the Tiny British Territory Reckoning With Its Future As Brexit Looms

Luke Archer's project aims to document Gibraltar’s unique heritage and the challenges it may face if it leaves the EU.
Luke Archer
The Borders Issue 2019

What Happens to a People When Their Land Sinks Into the Ocean?

Countries throughout the South Pacific may have their borders erased by rising sea levels within the next 10 years. But Shimizu, a Japanese engineering corporation, is working on designs for underwater and floating cities to accommodate people.
Sarah Hurtes
The Borders Issue 2019

The People Lost Between Consciousness and Death

“I knew that I was myself. And that something really bad had happened.”
Shayla Love
The Borders Issue 2019

To Really Experience Life, Start Event Crashing

I wanted to feel more connected to the world around me so I spent a month in New York crashing as many parties as I could.
Dayna Evans