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Seven women have now said Biden touched them inappropriately

Another three women came forward, just hours after Biden released a video where he pledged to better respect people’s personal boundaries.
Carter Sherman
joe biden

Two more women accuse Joe Biden of inappropriate touching

That brings the total number of women to four.
Carter Sherman
joe biden

What we know about the unwanted kiss Lucy Flores said Joe Biden gave her

Joe Biden's camp is now doing damage control for his potential 2020 run.
Carter Sherman

Mike Pence just ripped the Abolish ICE movement in front of ICE

"Just when you thought the Democrats couldn’t move farther to the left ...," the vice president said.
Rex Santus
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PHOTOS: The first gay pride parade in Mike Pence’s hometown was wild

The veep himself didn’t attend, but Mike "Hot" Pence did.
Christianna Silva
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John Oliver Made Pence's Kids' Book Gay and Now It's Outselling the Original

Pence's rabbit, Marlon Bundo, falls in love with a boy bunny in the 'Last Week Tonight' version and now it's at the top of Amazon's bestseller list.
Drew Schwartz

Mike Pence’s Instagram-Famous Bunny Has Tragically Overgrown Nails

The Pence family is neglecting their pet rabbit.
Sarah Emerson
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Here's How Vice President Pence's Approval Ratings Compare to Joe Biden's

This is what the country thinks of Vice President Mike Pence after his first six months in office in comparison to Joe Biden.
Impact Staff
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BTW Joe Biden Makes Podcasts Now

The former vice president has started recording daily briefings, appropriately titled 'Biden's Briefings​,' where he'll dive in and discuss the news that tickled his fancy.
River Donaghey
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Sorry, Mr. Vice President, but Rocky Is the Greatest Sports Movie and I Won't Hear Another Word On It

This discussion is not even worth calling a "discussion."
Sean Newell
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Joe Biden Wants to Run for President in 2020, Apparently

"I am going to run in 2020," Biden said. "For president. You know, what the hell, man, anyway."
River Donaghey
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Mike Pence's New Neighbors Are Taunting Him with Rainbow Pride Flags

The vice president-elect's new neighbors are showing him what they think of his anti-LGBTQ record.
River Donaghey