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This Team is Still Searching for Missing American Soldiers Decades After the Korean War

Meet the team still searching for American MIAs decades after the Korean War.


Mosul residents are taking reconstruction into their own hands

Frustration is beginning to rise


Raqqa residents blame the U.S. for neglecting the city's recovery

Nine months after the international coalition liberated Raqqa from entrenched ISIS fighters, the city has no electricity or running water, and thousands of bodies lie unburied in the ruins


What Syrians think about the United States' military strikes

Despite this weekend's strikes, Assad projected a business-as-usual veneer on social media Monday.


Why the U.S. is fighting terror organizations in Africa

VICE News examines the debate over U.S. military presence in Africa, following the ambush of four U.S. soldiers in Niger last October.


Inside Syria's last rebel stronghold under siege by Assad

“Most of the injured we’ve treated during this period were women and children.”


The Afghan commandos trying to beat back the Taliban

A suicide attack in Kabul killed more than 100 people on Saturday, becoming the third brutal attack this year. VICE News looks at changes in policy that have brought more Taliban into Kabul.


We joined the Marines trying to defeat the strongest Taliban army yet

VICE NEWS gained rare access inside a U.S. military airstrike command center in Afghanistan to see how America's longest war is being fought under the Trump administration.


Charlottesville empowered Nazi supporters in Berlin

More than 500 neo-Nazis, inspired by Charlottesville, marched through Berlin in the largest fascist rally the city has seen in more than a decade.


Meet Iraqi troops and civilians still in Mosul, the last ISIS stronghold

Civilians are trying to escape Mosul's Old City as the fight against ISIS enters its final stretch.


The inherent paradox of the Nobel Peace Prize

This is not the first time the Nobel committee has awarded its prize for peace before such ambitions have been fully realized.