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Here Is the Canadian Government’s Plan for Regulating Weed Edibles

The government wants to set a limit of 10 milligrams of THC per package.


Parasitic Worms Are Weed Edibles for Mice

These worms may be the key to targeted, natural treatments for inflammatory bowel diseases.


Phnom Penh's Happy Pizza Left Me High and Dry

I wasn't planning on getting stoned out of my mind when when I stopped by Phnom Penh's Happy Pizza, one of many such restaurants in the Cambodian city. But what should I have expected when I ordered my pie "extra happy"?


Wake and Bake with Weed-and-Chai Hot Chocolate

We asked Brian Wallace—an ethnobotanist and founder of Endorfin Chocolate—to show us how to make a third-eye-opening cup of weed hot chocolate, guaranteed to start your day off right.


This Is Why Weed Gives You the Munchies

We don't need science to tell us that getting stoned and getting the munchies tend to go hand in hand—but a team of neuroscientists may have discovered the exact reason why weed can make you can tear through a pile of junk food.


Weed-Infused Foie Gras Is the Most Decadent Thing You'll Ever Eat

One of the classic preparations of foie gras is pâte, and we kick that up yet another notch by adding our dear friend cannabis. We've come a long way from weed brownies.


A Hazy Night at The Weed Eater’s Underground Book Launch Party

I was attending a not-very-legal book launch party, held in a downtown Brooklyn loft last week, for David Bienenstock’s new book, How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High.


Beyond the Brownie: The State of Marijuana Edibles in America

The sale of marijuana edibles now accounts for roughly half of the $5.4 billion cannabis industry. This got us here at MUNCHIES thinking: Have edibles jumped the shark?


I Talked to Whoopi Goldberg About Her New Weed-Infused Edibles Line

Whoopi Goldberg is the most high-profile celebrity to ever dive headfirst into the world of marijuana edibles. I spoke to the actress about why she decided to join in on the industry.


I Went to a Marijuana Tupperware Party

I recently found myself at a get-together thrown by Synchronicity, a group of female weed enthusiasts who think the cannabis industry needs more estrogen.


The Chef Elevating Weed Edibles to a Culinary Art

Cannabis chef Melissa Parks wants to make weed food "dignified and accessible."


Some Genius in LA Is Selling Weed Pizzas

The worst thing about pot pizza is how much you want to eat more pizza once you're stoned. Other than that, it's pretty fucking great.