Young Adult


Is It Safe Yet to Admit I Liked the Twilight Movies?

Ten years later, as a straight dude, I’m making a confession I should have made way earlier.


How to Write a Young Adult Novel About a Gay Kid Without It Being a 'Gay Book'

Justin Sayre's "Husky" approaches adolescent queerness as not just a form of attraction, but as an aesthetic.


New Zealand Just Banned a Book for the First Time in 22 Years

"Into the River" has been banned because of its depiction of drug use and underage sex. But author Ted Dawe feels it's a worrying example of the power of the country's conservative agenda.


Teen Romance Novels Prove that Kids Love Supernatural Sex Partners

SwoonReads publishes steamy hot teenage romance novels, often featuring vampires and werewolves. I went to one of their recent events to find out why teenyboppers are so obsessed.


Girls Only

In this comic for tomboys, Stephanie Hurtado tells us about the trials and tribulations of being a tomboyish female dog and putting up with bird ladies passing judgement.


Brony King M.A. Larson Wrote a Novel About 'Pink Princess Culture'

Fans mostly know writer ​M. A. Larson for the scripts he has written for 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,' but soon the world may know Larson more for his debut novel.