Charlet Duboc

  • Big Cats of the Gulf

    VICE travels to Kuwait to meet the big cat stars of Instagram and learn about the dangers of animal trafficking – for both the pets and their owners.

  • Fortress Italia – Part 1

    Meeting the migrants who risk their lives to travel from North Africa to Italy via Lampedusa.

  • Ukrainian Fashion Week

    A post-apocalyptic event which simultaneously confronts and buries the country's troubles.

  • Miss Camel Beauty Contest

    Charlet finds herself the only woman in the desert, looking for beauty in the beast.

  • Black Bike Week

    A film about girl gangs, ass clapping and male strippers.

  • Tel Aviv Fashion Week

    The foreign office advises the team gets the hell out of the country so they head to the beach.

  • Tel Aviv Fashion Week

    Hedonism in the Holy Land.

  • Urban Fashion Week

    We finally discovered the best strip club on Earth.

  • Urban Fashion Week

    Will Billy find the cheese and make it to London, after all?

  • Seoul Fashion Week

    Charlet meets a K-Pop stylist who's received death threats from band fans for making them look gay.

  • Seoul Fashion Week

    We get treated to a very graphic look at the popular trend of something called 'double eyelid' surgery.

  • Caribbean Fashion Week

    Charlet and her new friends go bleach shopping.