Clancy Martin

  • Swimming In Cancun

    A short extract from Clancy Martin's forthcoming book, Love In Central America, published by Harvill Secker in August.

  • The Air Marshal

    I was shopping. I had decided it was stupid not to drink, and I drank when I shopped.

  • Dangerous Unhappy Things: A True Ghost Story

    I should make it clear that I have a lot of experience with ghosts. I have been seeing them since I was a child, when a small yellow gnome crawled up my leg and told me the year I would die.

  • Advice To A Young Man From An Old Man Twice Married

    Love in the time of Honduran divorces.

  • Lisa

    Come on,” Teryn whispered. She had opened my window from the outside, and was on her hands and knees.

  • “Fathers and Snakes”

    Clancy Martin used to make a living as a jewelry salesman. Now he is a translator of Nietzsche and Kierkegaard and an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Missouri.