The Death of Thailand's King Is Turning the Country's Fashion Industry Black

Demand for black clothing is so high, with the country's mourning ritual of wearing black to honour the late king, that brands are suffering – and street vendors are cashing in.
Dorian Geiger
Writer's Block

What It's Like to Overcome Tension and Rivalry in Bangkok's Graffiti Scene

Welcome to the city where you can paint graffiti on the side of a busy street, in broad daylight without permission, and no one bats an eyelid.
Ray Mock
How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of North Korea?

Is Kim Jong-un a threat, or just a lunatic with a weird haircut?
Mike Pearl

Vibrant Snapshots from Bali's Chaotic Streets

Photographer Camilo Fuentealba's latest project is full of color and noise.
Camilo Fuentealba
The Up in Flames Issue

Infographic: Traditional Medicine Fuels the Mass Slaughter of Wild Animals

Humans are uniquely gifted at driving other animals into extinction.
Haisam Hussein

Wealth, Strict Rules, and LAN Shops: What It's Like to Grow Up in Singapore

Four photographers share images and stories about growing up in the city-state.
Elizabeth Renstrom
Vice Blog

Why Are Millions of People Still Eating Cats?

While we'll happily chow down on all kinds of Mammalia—cows, sheep, goats, pigs, deer, and even adorable little lambs—the Western world still isn't so keen on eating cats and dogs.
Alex Swerdloff

Get an Espresso and an Exorcism at Bangkok's Premiere Witchcraft Cafe

Created by Wine Kongsorn and Nat Maitreemit to give the Thai Wiccan community a place to gather, Ace of Cups features spells, rituals, and cakes that match your astrological sign.
Laurel Tuohy

Getting Underneath China's Obsession With Hyper-Real Sex Dolls

"The best sex dolls are a modern day work of art," says the owner of one of China's biggest manufacturers of silicone dolls. "She can satisfy our heart's most tender dreams and desires."
David Whelan

What's Up with China's Erectile Dysfunction Problem?

We talked to the author of a new book on the epidemic of impotence in China and look at how people's attitudes toward sexuality are changing in the country.
Jemimah Steinfeld

Why Are the Indian Authorities Still Banning a Documentary About the Country's Rape Problem?

This morning a court ruling prolonged the ban on India's Daughter, a BBC documentary about rape in India. But the longer it lasts, the more people will talk about it.
Laya Maheshwari
vice gaming


In Part Two, we get a crash course from a professional gaming commentator, take a trip to gaming rehab and try on character costumes at the HQ of South Korea's best cosplay team.
Vice Beta