Fuck Music, Let’s Talk About Feelings: FYF Fest

So Sad Today went to this year's festival to talk to musicians whose work is "sad," "dark," "nostalgic," or "melancholic" about what happiness is, what it means to them, and how to get it.


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Sex Tips for Young People, from Older People Who've Been at It for Decades

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The Difference Between Being Happy and Being High

Breaking down how we decide which kinds of pleasure are acceptable and which ones are not OK.


Photographs of People Doing the Things That Make Them Happy

Speaking to photographer Eva Szombat about her new project.


Experiencing Joy Can Damage Your Heart, Says Science

Good job I never have it then!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


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The Austrian city has been named the world's most liveable, but what does that actually mean, and who is it actually for?


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Sometimes the key to happiness lies in faking it.


Is It Possible to Be Both Socially Conscious and Happy?

We had a chat with someone from the charity Action for Happiness about whether it's possible to be truly happy in the face of all the terrible shit constantly going on around the world.


What Do Asexuals Think About Our Sex-Obsessed World?

"I don't understand why there are so many songs about sex and how awesome it feels, but there are almost none about chocolate."


Future and Ciara Made a Beautiful Love Song Together

It's called "Anytime" and it's making us all weep in the office.


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