Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

J Hus Just Covered Blu Cantrell's "Breathe"

He turned it into an X-rated chirpse.
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Holy Shit

MIA Returns with a New "AudioVisual Project" a.k.a. a Really Good Music Video

Watch it now on Apple Music.
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Music Video Premieres

Wolf Alice's New Video Proves That Girls Can Be "Bros"

The band's new video is all about female friendship.
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Selfie Sticks Have Been Banned by UK Venues

So we have come up with a solution to solve the perils of amateur gig-based photography once and for all.
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Longreads Or Whatever

A Look at Pete Doherty's Time at a Thai Rehab Facility

Through pictures, videos and an interview with the founder of the Hope Rehab Centre, we understand Pete's most promising recovery.
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Woah, Dude!

That SOPHIE and Diplo Track Rumoured to Be from the New Madonna Album Has Leaked

Sounds like PC Music ffs.
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Here's Some Proof The BBC Sound of Poll Predicts Neither Critical Or Commercial Success

The longlist for 2015 has been released, but what’s rarely discussed is how good the music from the artists featured on it actually is.
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We Chatted To Juce about their German Pop Bootcamp

It's not a cult they swear.
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we saw this

What We Made Of The Knife's Last Ever Show In Reykjavik

Bjork watched on as they bowed out with a rallying cry at Iceland Airwaves.
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Noisey Blog

It's the Noisey Mercury Music Prize Liveblog: Indiegeddon 2014

We're at the Roundhouse getting pissed and trash talking Polar Bear, come join us.
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Thinkpieces And Shit

I Listened to the New Taylor Swift Album Before You Did Because I'm Special

I’m like 98% sure that “I Know Places” is written from the perspective of Carrie Mathison in the first two series of Homeland
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Festivals 2014

Festival Free Love Is Being Turned Into Non-Consensual Porn by Reddit Masturbators

Yes there's a sub-reddit called "Festival Sluts"
Noisey Staff
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