William T. Vollmann

  • The Forgetful Ghost

    After my father died, I began to wonder whether my turn might come sooner rather than later.

  • Spontaneous Effusions of the Electric Spider

    “American men prefer to be choked or beaten,” the dominatrix said. “European men like to be ridden like horses. Japanese men want to be treated as girls.”

  • "They Just Want to Look in the Mirror"

    One of the main reasons that William T. Vollmann's writing is so expertly detailed and rich is because he is a master of both old-fashioned, shoe-leather research and the deskbound library variety. His hugely varied interests have led him to the North...

  • Absinthe

    This story is based on several drinking sessions that I had the joyous privilege of experiencing in Petersburg a couple of years ago as a guest of a writers' workshop. I will never forget the effects of absinthe and hope that I have a chance to sample...