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A Houston Woman Just Became the First Person Convicted Under an Anti-Animal Crush Porn Law

A 24-year-old pleaded guilty of charges relating to videos where she wore a mask and horrifically abused dogs and cats.


The KKK Is Trying to Save Its Image with Community Service

The Klan is trying to participate in an Adopt-a-Highway program in Georgia, and the state is not happy.


A Prison Sentence for a Facebook Image Shows How Restrictive Burma's Anti-Free-Speech Laws Have Become

New Zealander Philip Blackwood is going to spend two and a half years behind bars because he posted a photo of the Buddha wearing headphones.


An Idiot Made a Game Called 'Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015'

It features the prophet, gay sex, animals, and poop, but its creator claims it's not intended to be an attack on anyone's faith.


Exclusive Interview with Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Luz – Trailer

Coming soon: VICE News speaks to Luz, the surviving Charlie Hebdo cartoonist behind the magazine's controversial Prophet Muhammad covers.


A Persian Cartoonist Illustrated His Fall from Grace in His New Graphic Novel

One day Mana Neyestani woke up and found himself a criminal and a racist—a once-respected artist turned into a prisoner, then a fugitive, then a refugee.


Reddit Is Less of a Lawless Free-for-All Than It Thinks It Is

And that's a good thing, since the site is now less horrible than before.


When Trolling Gets Teens Thrown in Jail

Should teens be arrested for the stupid things they say on social media?


Is the Mexican Government Failing to Protect Journalists?

Anabel Hernandez thinks so, and fears for her life.


A Dirty Little Rag With Filth In It

Back in the late 1950s, when Richard Neville finished high school, Australia was in many ways, uh, what’s the word? Oh that’s right…totally fucked.