• Inside Britain's Steroid Epidemic

    Up to 1 million people in the UK are using illegal steroids—could that be related to muscle dysmorphia, a.k.a. "bigorexia"?

  • Let's Get Physical

    Photos by Andrew Kuykendal and styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos.

  • How to Look Hot at the Gym

    Paint your fucking face, you look a mess.

  • FAT!

    "God! Josh is so hot! He could never love a fat slob like me."

  • Gym Monkeys

    Newspapers and pro athletes who get busted and then cry shame and say they hate steroids are LIARS. Steroids rule.

  • Fucking Assholes #4

    I saw the gym Nazi again today. I smiled and waved hello as he jogged on the treadmill. It drove him to run faster. I giggled like a little girl.