Ben Makuch

Ben Makuch

  • What Does Canada's Blocked Terrorist Attack Mean for the Canucks?

    Just as the Boston terrorist saga was coming to an end, a new Canadian terrorist plot was thwarted. Yesterday the RCMP revealed in a news conference they arrested two foreign citizens named Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser from the Montreal and Toronto...

  • What Are the French Really Up to in Mali?

    When it comes to going to war, it’s not too often we get to see France beat the US to the punch. But in the case of Mali, the troubled north African country with a serious jihadi problem, the French are playing the usual American role of global...

  • What Exactly Is Idle No More?

    In an era where the streets of Athens seem to be permanently burning, senseless partisanship nearly sent America off the fiscal cliff, and a delicate global economy fuels revolutions everywhere, continual political unrest is par for the course. Even...

  • How Canadian Police Overlooked a Serial Killer

    Back in December 2011, while producing an article about the state of First Nations women in Canada we interviewed Anishinaabe activist Audrey Huntley. She gave us some valuable insights into Vancouver’s infamous crime and drug-riddled Eastside, then...

  • Is Central Asia on the Verge of a Water War?

    A new kind of conflict is rising in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan that could eventually lead to the first water war of the 21st century.

  • Uh-oh, the Rise of the Machines Is for Realsies

    Rich Terrile, the NASA scientist who told us we were all Sims in a video game, fucked our brain folds again by explaining how human beings are outdated and will soon merge with machines to become a robotic race.