• Vito Fun's Summer 2013 Photo Dump

    Thanks to global warming, summer 2013 lives on, giving Vito Fun more wiggle room to make people take their clothes off. But back when it actually WAS summer, Vito took a lot of pics and lived up to his surname. He sent the photos to us, and we decided...

  • Size Matters in the NBA

    NBA preseason is just over a month away and to get you excited for tip-off we discussed players penis sizes with Kris Humphries’s ex and celebrity sex-tape star Myla Sinanaj.

  • Motivational Hemorrhoids

    Say you’re in a relationship and you start feeling isolated because you have needs that the other person just doesn’t understand. Don’t let it fester in your asshole until it starts prolapsing and bleeding out of control. Tackle it right away.