• Για Camping στα Κουφονήσια

    Πήγαμε για φθηνές διακοπές και βρεθήκαμε στη "Μικρή Μύκονο".

  • I Tried To Deport Bums To An Abandoned Amusement Park But It Didn’t Work

    As the government is tackling homelessness the socialist way (and just for the record, the results are looking good) I figured I’d do it old school and deport some bums. More importantly though, I’d answer something I’ve wondered since childhood. That...

  • Camping in France

    Camping in France is not the same as camping in the US. It does not mean going off into the woods with a tent and s’mores and experiencing nature at its most raw and virginal. No, camping in France is more like what we refer to as losing: sitting...

  • Please Don't Actually Punch the Camera

    A new photo zine called "Punch The Camera" features pictures of space, camping, swimming, protesting, bicycling, and other fun stuff. Featuring work by Jim Mangan, Peter Sutherland, Spencer Davis, and Jennilee Marigomen.

  • Waste Coast - Camping Is for Idiots

    Camping is an insult to electricity, to indoor plumbing, to toilets, to memory foam mattresses, to couches, to digital cable, and every other luxurious human invention that can only exist within the comfort of a building.

  • Clyde’s Corner: White People Shit

    This week I’m gonna explain what “some white people shit” is to all of you dreamers and schemers out there. There is a chance that what I’m about to say could come off as a bit racist, but here’s the catch: It’s just the simple truth.