Civil Rights

  • «Ο Floyd θα Ήταν Ζωντανός αν Δεν τον Είχε Πατήσει στον Λαιμό ο Αστυνομικός»

    Πριν την έκθεση της ιατροδικαστικής υπηρεσίας, η οικογένεια του George Floyd είχε ορίσει δική της ομάδα, που διενήργησε αυτοψία και οδηγήθηκε σε ένα σαφές συμπέρασμα για τον φόνο του.

  • Miley Cyrus Twerking at the VMAs Was MLK's Real Dream

    Fifty years after Martin Luther King Jr. marched on Washington to tell the world about his dream, one brave young woman took the stage in Brooklyn to show us all not only how toned her butt is, but also how different America is from the Civil Rights...

  • States' Rights Cut Both Ways at the Supreme Court

    Some of you may grimace at the phrase “states’ rights”; a few of you, possibly wearing pointy white hoods, may be more inclined to pump your fists in the air; the rest of you are probably wondering what it means for states (as opposed to, you know...

  • The Voting Rights Act Is a Mess, but We Still Need It

    The Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act today on the grounds that while the South used to be hella racist back in the 60s, things are now way more chill, thanks in part to the VRA, so the law doesn't need to exist in its...

  • After Gay Marriage, Why Not Polygamy?

    The idea that after gay marriage is legalized, polygamy will be next—and then bestiality and legal unions between lawn mowers and volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica and so on—is one of the main arguments that social conservatives trot out to...

  • The Red Marriage Equality Sign on Your Facebook Profile Is Completely Useless

    It's a big week in the fight for “marriage equality,” which is what most gay activists want us to call gay marriage. Right now gay activism needs all the help it can get. Know what’s not helping? Changing your Facebook profile picture to a silly red...

  • Lifetime’s Assassination of Malcolm X

    In the Lifetime Original Movie 'Betty & Coretta,' they present cardboard versions of what I like to call "Early Malcolm" and "Real Malcolm." But Early Malcolm and Real Malcolm are not real. They are both fabrications that serve to oversimplify a...

  • What Would MLK Say About Today's America?

    "He would totally celebrate with Obama. They would have a heart-to-heart and Obama would be inspired even more. It would be a really awesome meeting. I can only imagine them doing dinner together and sitting in one room privately, without cameras."

  • We Interviewed Tommie Smith About the 1968 'Black Power' Salute

    Tommie had an interesting story to tell. He says it was a fist raised for the world, not just Black Americans. And he spoke a lot in the third person because he's a badass.

  • Spinning In her Grave

    If Zora Neale Hurston were alive today, she would hate your fucking guts.