• Οι Έλληνες Διπλωμάτες Είναι Κλεισμένοι στην Πρεσβεία στην Άγκυρα

    «Ακούγονται Πυροβολισμοί και Εκρήξεις...» περιγράφει η αναπληρώτρια προϊσταμένη του γραφείου τύπου της ελληνικής πρεσβείας.

  • Appalling Violence Ravaged Cairo Again This Weekend

    Bloodshed, tear gas, and plumes of acrid black smoke are never far from the streets of Cairo these days, and they returned this weekend as police fought with supporters of Egypt's ousted Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi.

  • Is Egypt Doomed to a Civil War?

    As the interim government try to wipe out the Muslim Brotherhood, the country is being pushed toward the abyss.

  • The Muslim Brotherhood Prepares for Its 'Day of Rage'

    “They say we are terrorists, then fine,” Mustafa said. “I will be a terrorist. I am ready to pick up a Kalashnikov and fight. In the south, we are already fighting against the coup,” he added, referencing the wild, unsourced rumours circulating among...

  • We Saw the Egyptian Military Stage a Coup in Cairo

    As I write now, the center of Cairo is a sea of beeping vehicles and cheering crowds, with attack helicopters making laps of honor above us. An army-appointed judge is now the face of military rule, erasing the one-year blip of democratic government in...

  • Joshua Oppenheimer and Indonesia's Murderous Playboys

    Director Joshua Oppenheimer traveled to Indonesia for a project that brought him in contact with people who survived the 1965 government massacre of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), when anywhere between 500,000 and 3 million PKI members were...

  • Simon Mann Says He Was Asked to Help Start the Iraq War

    Simon Mann is a British mercenary, most famous for his failed coup attempt against Teodoro Obiang, president of Equatorial Guinea. Simon cofounded the private military company Executive Outcomes, which at its height ran two African wars. He also claims...

  • Miss Arganzuela 1981

    I found a bag of photo negatives when I was drunk one night in Madrid. And being drunk, I took them home with me. In the bag, alongside almost 70 pounds of negs, were a photographer’s work permit and a shoe with a built-up heel.