• The Third Presidential Debate - Live

    There’s a chance this debate will get a little wonky—foreign policy is a complicated subject that not a lot of Americans understand or care about. Still, won’t it be exciting to see which stray remarks get turned into insta-memes? No, no it will not...

  • Cornel West Plans to Vote for Obama in November and Protest His Policies in February

    We love Cornel, even if we don’t always agree with him, because he doesn’t bite his tongue for anybody—not even the Commander in Chief. So, we hit him up after the second debate to see what he had to say about the prospect of a Romney presidency.

  • Baseball Is Dead and So Is Civility

    The death of baseball and the rise of football shows what is ahead of us culturally, and in government. There will be more politicians in reality television. There will be more politicians elected based on their slogans or good looks. Debates will...

  • The Second Presidential Debate - Live

    Think the presidential debate tonight at Hofstra University is going to be another snoozefest? Will you be passed out by 9:30 like last time? Think again! For your amusement and pleasure—and to keep the candidates honest—VICE presents to you five...

  • You Don't Know Jack

    If you weren’t on the tweets during the vice presidential debate last night, here are some highlights from my night of giffing the event.