• I'm Short, Not Stupid Presents: 'Declaration of War'

    Today, right before our 237th Independence Day, I want you to check out a film that you should watch with very little context. All you need to know is that filmmaker Dustin Guy Defa made a batshit crazy supercut of George W. Bush declaring a war on...

  • A Red Line for Syria - Obama Is Trapped by His Own Rhetoric

    How perversely ironic it was, last Thursday, when Obama had to pay public homage to his predecessor—a guy whose invasion of Iraq was based on faulty intel about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction—at the same time he was weighing intel about...

  • I Guess We Need to Say It Again: George W. Bush Was the Worst

    The important things he did and didn’t do when he was the most powerful elected official in the world were all pretty much uniformly awful. He had a chance to change the world in a real way and he made in demonstrably worse. Fuck him and his library.