• Have Animals Declared War On Us?

    For millennia, humans have been wreaking havoc on animals. And now it appears that animals are striking back. So, I interviewed James Donahue, who believes the uptick in animal attacks is an omen to the "end of days."

  • Something Fishy

    Deep in Southwest Alaska lies an abandoned salmon cannery known as Graveyard Point. Every summer fishermen converge on this area. Great fortunes can be earned or lost here, depending on a man's luck. I’ve fished here for the past four years, taking...

  • Toxic Tuna

    Fukushima's fish are at consumable levels but still contain various and complex ranges of radioactivity.

  • Annoying Drug Dealers by Trying to Pay with Fish

    A few weeks ago, a San Francisco truck driver got in a bit of trouble for stealing $10,000 worth of fish that he was supposed to be delivering as part of his job and exchanging it for $400 worth of crack cocaine. Inspired, I decided to call up some...

  • Magical Spy Sneakers

    It’s a bit of a wonder that communism hasn’t fallen to its knees, screaming, “You win!” at Nike. Since 2006, the company has implanted tracking sensors into its line of Nike+ sneakers, a practice you would think certainly has political implications.

  • Would You Eat a Mermaid?

    "As sashimi or sushi I think it might be good."