• Why Girls Should Only Have Anal Sex

    Ass sex rules because destruction, degradation, and pain are FUN. By the time you get to the end of this article you’ll be fingering your own butthole and scheming on ways to get it filled with something fun.

  • Fifty Shades of Chick-fil-A: My Polyamorous Chick-fil-A Fan Porn

    His dick itself was just a head, a carbuncle buried in a mass of reddish pubes and dickne. “That’s a teeny schlong,” I pointed out. Matthew smirked and humped the air. “Chick-fil-A serves no beef,” he said, “but Jesus loves us as we are.”

  • Coke Sex for Teen Sluts

    Sometimes when a dick is inside me I can’t help but think about my family. I know that sounds totally gross, but I don’t mean it in, like, an incestuous way. My dad never fucked me or anything. I think it has more to do with guilt, you know, or I’m...

  • Let a Prisoner Get Some Pussy

    One of the most counterintuitive things about prisons in New York is that special sexytime conjugal visits are only allowed at maximum-security prisons.

  • Photos by Sandy Kim

    Boobs, pills, and meat and stuff.

  • Vice Comics

    Home Early.