• From Milan to New York, the Art World Is Celebrating Mike Kelley

    Since the artist Mike Kelly died last year, a flurry of retrospectives have opened. An epic show co-curated by Emi Fontana currently runs at the HangarBicocca. In between summer travels, Emi took some time to talk about the late artist.

  • The 2013 VICE Photo Show: It's Like the Magazine, but Bigger

    Do you like our new Photo Issue? Have you soaked up all its beauty and insanity with your greedy eyes like a sponge in an ocean of bliss? Do you sleep with it under your pillow? Did you introduce it to...

  • Lost at Sea with Adam Mignanelli

    After designing for VICE for many years, Adam Mignanelli has moved on to creating fine art and founding the Ballast Projects, an organization that curates exhibitions of artwork created by young and emerging artists. When he’s not championing the works...

  • David Shrigley Sees the Sign

    David Shrigley's new show at the Anton Kern Gallery plays with semiotics and the concept of the utilitarian sign, shifting the frame of reference and messing with your expectations to humorous and thought-provoking results.

  • Snakes, Metalheads, and Naked People

    Terttu Uibopuu knows some interesting people. Sometimes they get naked and sometimes she takes beautiful pictures of them. Some of those pictures are in a gallery show opening tonight. All of you should go.

  • Fire Sale Everything Must Go


  • I Still Don't "Get" Art

    I gave art a hard time on this website a while ago and, according to lots of boring people on the internet, I couldn't have been more wrong. In the spirit of fairness, I gave art a second chance.

  • Traces of Soho Past

    In New York, art has always left traces behind, but like everything else in the city, those traces vanish a little more with every passing day, until they are completely erased. Take Soho, my neighborhood since 1985.

  • Pat Graham

    Pat Graham runs the the 96 Gillespie Gallery in Finsbury Park, North East London with his partner Melanie Standage.