• The Soul of UK Garage, Photographed by Ewen Spencer

    It's clear that we didn't appreciate UK garage enough. One man who was definitely there, however, is photographer Ewen Spencer. His latest project concerns the lauded, but still somewhat undocumented, world of UKG, and comes in the form of a new book...

  • Four New Grime Kids

    Grime is going through a bit of a make-or-break period right now. Most of the better MCs have long given up trying to be grimey and are now doing pop songs with 80s revivalists and covering the Ting Tings (Dizzee).

  • Do It!

    Back in my university days, I luckily had one musical ally in the form of my housemate Jack. I'd spend all day looking out of the window and Jack would often come up, swing open the door, bang on one of his grime 12"s (DJ Eastwood and Oddz's "Champion...

  • Locked Off

    People still try to make out that grime is based in three highrise blocks in Bow, when in reality other parts of London, particularly north, are home to a lot of the more productive MCs such as Chipmunk, Skepta, JME, Scorcher etc.

  • Grimewatch

    It seems everyone in grime is busy getting ready for the arrival of Father Christmas, so there's not much happening right now.

  • Grimewatch

    For this issue, Grimewatch jumped on the back of a stolen Mini Moto and rode all the way up the motorway without a helmet to the city of Nottingham to see what the local grime scene had to say.

  • Grimewatch

    Wow. Where do we start? A lot has happened since the last Grimewatch update. So much in fact that we don’t have time to talk about Mercston getting put on a lengthy lockdown following an incident with a 15-year-old girl at the Prince’s Trust music...

  • Grimewatch

    You should all be happy to know that Scorcher, the finest MC the grime scene has ever produced (in our opinion) has been released from jail and is currently on road working on his debut album.

  • Grimewatch

    Grime is officially dead (according to a thread on the Dissensus message board), so we’ve finally decided to take Matt Mason’s advice and have spent the last few months undercover as a hairdresser called Paul in south London’s funky house scene.

  • Vice Comics

    Rocky Has Dinner With Ruff Sqwad

  • Grimewatch

    With Roll Deep being kicked off Rinse FM, Essentials splitting up and my quest to become grime’s own JT LeRoy moving as swiftly as Sharky Major’s career, I was ready to file this month under “WASTE.”

  • Grimewatch

    When we’re not scouring message boards for mentions of Vice or posting MP3s on the RWD forum, we here at Grimewatch keep busy surfing Rupert Murdoch’s proverbial slut-fest, MySpace.