high school

  • T. Kid's Bad Luck Charm

    Maintaining a high school weed habit was a hassle exemplified by run-ins with the police. For years, the cops never arrested us—they were chasing us for fun—but this merry game of cat and mouse turned dark one summer when police found a dime bag in my...

  • Rob Ford Doesn't Know Anything About Football

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, performance art genius and Canada’s greatest embarrassment, knows a lot of things. He knows how to eat pussy, please people, and smoke crack. But I'll tell you one thing: Rob Ford does not know shit about football.

  • Getting High With a Teenager Who Shouldn't Smoke Weed

    During sophomore year of high school, my best friend's little brother was on lockdown because he was suspended for blazing at school. My best friend wanted me to help her brother stay sober, but when her brother offered to smoke me out, I couldn't...

  • T. Kid's Amazing Bongs

    One perk of writing this column is getting free stuff from time to time. The best free items were the bongs that arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. As I placed my gorgeous new pipes on my shelf, I remembered some of the glass that came and went over...

  • P.J. The Narc

    I was dreading going on my marketing class's field trip. Everyone in the class sucked. I breathed a sigh of relief when my teacher told me I'd be rooming with my friend Tal. But then my teacher told me we'd be sharing a room with P.J. the narc.

  • Are You a Nerd?

    What is a nerd? Are nerds the new cool? That’s what people have been asking since video games started making more money than movies. The reality of nerds is much different than how the media portrays it, as evidenced by American Nerd: The Story of...