• Ποιος Φοβάται το Σύμφωνο Συμβίωσης στην Ελλάδα;

    Οι ιδέες ορισμένων μας στέλνουν στον Μεσαίωνα.

  • Projecting Abbott's Eastbound Offensive Offensive

    Having pissed of Malaysia, Indonesia, and East Timor (in that order) foreign relations under Abbott has finally found some direction: east.

  • The British Woman Who's Imprisoned with Her Baby in Pakistan

    Khadija Shah was arrested for carrying $4.75 million worth of heroin through Islamabad airport. Her youngest daughter was born while Khadija was incarcerated, and hasn’t spent a day outside of the prison’s walls, and there's no immediate timeframe set...

  • I Spoke to a Rejected Iranian Presidential Candidate

    In a couple of weeks, Iranians will go to the polls to choose a replacement for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. There’s no reason to think this election will be transparent. To get an insider’s view, I called Hooshang Amirahmadi, one of the candidates...

  • Hungary Is Destroying Itself from the Inside

    Although Hungary isn't a country famed for its defenses, in 2013 it's not alien armies they have to worry about: it's the burgeoning far-right movement, a worrying level of state control, and an increase in censorship all brewing within its own borders.

  • The Mysterious and Depressing Case of Prisoner X

    On Tuesday morning, the Australian news network ABC broadcast a story revealing the identity of the mysterious “Prisoner X” who died in solitary confinement in an Israeli prison in 2010. In fact, “Prisoner X” was the subject of a case so secret that...