• Hurricanes and Projectile Vomiting Painkillers

    I had thrown up before during Hurricane Marilyn, but this was when I was seven years old, and drugs and alcohol were not the cause. Rather, it was the sounds of my childhood home crumpling on top of my family as we huddled in a closet that made me...

  • Make It Rain on the South Sound

    For the past six months I’ve been playing in an amazing studio space in Gowanus, Brooklyn called the South Sound. In addition to offering up 13 practice rooms, the space housed two meticulously built recording studios. Unfortunately, Sandy wiped it off...

  • How Did Sandy Affect You?

    New Yorkers who were used to getting wine delivered to their doors, manicures at 3 AM, and never walking more than two blocks to get coffee suddenly couldn’t find bread at grocery stores, hot water to take showers, or even a cup of coffee.

  • The Destruction of Breezy Point

    Two nights ago during Hurricane Sandy, while many New Yorkers were crying about having no internet, the people in Breezy Point, Queens, watched their neighborhood become a water-logged, flame-engulfed vision of hell.

  • Hurricane Sandy's Rat Problem

    If the flooding happened after dominant rats took to the surface and drove the weaklings underground to die, New York City's rat population may have just gotten stronger.

  • That Was Some Blow Job

    In case you just woke up from a coma in Montana (if so, congrats!) and haven't heard, the Eastern Seaboard of the United States got fucked up real bad last night. Hurricane Sandy, a massive orgy of three separate weather systems, made us wait around...