• Is a Cure for Meth Addiction Lurking in the Jihadist-Infested Jungles of Thailand?

    The Thai Minister for Justice has announced that he wants the kratom leaf removed from the country's illicit drugs list. He claims it could help wean addicts off harder stimulants, like methamphetamine.

  • I Ate Ice Cream with a Member of al Qaeda in Syria

    A week ago, I got a call from one of my contacts to say that an al Qaeda fighter in Syria was willing to give me—a Western, female journalist—an interview. There were conditions: we would do the interview in a secret location, I would wear a headscarf...

  • The Hangover News

    George Zimmerman was acquitted this weekend, but you were probably too outraged to believe it. Spontaneous protest marches against the verdict staged in a number of US cities were mostly peaceful, apart from pockets of violence in Oakland, California...