• The First Wild One

    American ingenuity is responsible for the world’s greatest creations. The cheeseburger is the best food ever, LSD is the epitome of drugs, and the internet is godlike in its scope. The same goes for a garment that has been adopted by crusty gutter...

  • Bob Mackie Has Dressed Almost Everyone

    In the pantheon of American fashion designers, Bob Mackie stands alone with his singular focus on sequined, bejeweled, and hyperbolic outfits for the world’s most ostentatious personalities. Bob has made clothes for Barbra, Whitney, Michael, and just...

  • A Sweatshop of One's Own

    What if the crap-manufacturing industry collapses and all of the indentured servants the US employs there are no longer able to produce cheaply manufactured garments? What atrocities would Americans be forced to wear? To illustrate this predicament, I...

  • Herb Ritter

    Photos by Ben Ritter and styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos.

  • Because the Night

    Featuring Jamie Bochert. Photos by Samantha Rapp and styling by Cristian Stroble.

  • Employees of the Month

    Above all else, James Pogue is looking for a free place to stay, if you know anyone with an apartment he can housesit for the next few years. His essays and journalism have appeared in 'n+1,' the 'Oxford American,' and the 'New Yorker.'

  • Bulletproof Kids

    In December, the massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, threw the country into a deep depression, followed by a fiery debate about guns. Companies hawking children’s clothes saw sales skyrocket. One of these vendors, Amendment II...

  • Flying American Slobs

    I was hanging out in a business-class lounge at JFK airport, waiting for my flight, when I saw two women enter, one American, one Italian. Try to tell me which is which. The first looked relaxed, classy, and very rich. The second woman was wearing Uggs...

  • Do People Really Dress Like Shit in Buffalo?

    As if Buffalo, New York, didn’t have enough to worry about with its struggling economy and tons of fat people and brutal winters, last year a website called named the city of 260,000 the “least fashionable city in America.”

  • L'Union Fait La Farce

    Thomas Mailaender is Paris-based multimedia artist who started out doing documentation work. His past creations were focused on toying with the concept of typology and depicting "incidentally grotesque moments." This selection of images features weird...

  • You Want a Knuckle Sandwich?

    Now there are two ways to read this issue, you can go on a bender and spend the next couple of hours greedily devouring everything in the issue, or you can exercise a bit of self-restraint and read the articles as we dribble them out one by one on the...

  • The Clowny Clown Clown Issue

    This issue is so fucking good we decided it ought to have its own little song and dance. So we had composer Drew Swinburne make us a theme song.