james franco

  • The Lone Survivor Be

    What’s wit dem moovies that be wit them one person survivin’ in isolation? There be a slew of dem now, the one—at least dem contemporary one that stands out—be Tommy Hanks’s Castaway. It be about him on dem island wit Wilson, his ball.

  • Don't Escape from Chris Burden and Mike Kelley

    This Alien, ya’ll. You know how I do. I be out and about in New York, seeing things, doing things, getting cultural. This week, I'm gone school y'all on the movie Escape from Tomorrow and the artists Chris Burden and Mike Kelley.

  • Them Sounds Is Furious

    I Am Not from This Planet is a column where we give James Franco’s Florida-bred, gun-toting, big-bootie-loving pal Alien the floor to sound off on whatever he likes. For this inaugural edition, Alien breaks us off some knowledge with a review of...

  • Jake Gyllenhaal Is the Perfect Gumshoe in ‘Prisoners’

    Prisoners is awesome. I loved, loved, loved it. The atmosphere, the pacing, the framing, the acting, and the subject matter are all so good. I love that my man Jake Gyllenhaal is back as a hard-hitting actor. His detective Loki is mysterious...

  • Writing to Live in Hollywood

    F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Pat Hobby Stories and the Coen Brothers' Barton Fink are twisted, nightmarish takes on what happens when writers come to Hollywood—they're often crushed by the bureaucratic machinations of the small-minded...

  • 'Sal&#242' Revisited

    Pier Pasolini's 20th-century take on the Marquis de Sade's 18th-century masterwork of depravity might be stomach turning, but it's also staggeringly honest about the power and chaos of unchecked desires.