• 'Gatsby'

    The old saying is that a good book makes a bad film, while a paperback potboiler like 'The Godfather' makes a great film. But this wisdom is derived from the idea that a good book is made by the writing, and if it’s adapted into whatever, its magic is...

  • Jeff Goldblum Is a Six-Foot Pianist

    Every Wednesday in Los Angeles, Jeff Goldblum plays jazz tunes for free. It sounds like a joke, but it's not. It probably isn't very LA cool of me, but when I saw that Dr. Ian Malcolm tickles the ivory right in my backyard, well, sorry, but my honky...

  • Literary

    Girls with tattoos are hot. Sometimes. Tattoos of girls, on the whole, are hot. And therein lies the key to Angelique Houtkamp’s unique niche of painting ladies that look like they are tattoos but aren't.

  • Endless Harmoniacals

    Jazz can be scary. Unless you are some child prodigy in a Richard Powers novel, it's unlikely you will experience that much jazz in your quotidian existence.