• Syria's Rebel Press Is Fighting Back Against Jihadists

    As ISIS continues to oppress the fledgling media landscape in the north and east of Syria, the ANA New Media Association has pledged to whip up a storm of protest every time a journalist or activist is targeted by the jihadis.

  • Sudan Detained Journalists Who Supported Anti-Government Protests

    In the midst of Sudan's ongoing economic crisis, President Omar Al-Bashir's regime decided to lift fuel subsidies, doubling prices. Citizens began to demonstrate in the streets on September 23rd, and in the last two weeks, authorities detained 70...

  • The Free Syrian Army Press Office would Rather Be Fighting

    Abdul was part of the brigade which took over the border region around Azaz last year. Afterwards, he was assigned to the press office to translate documents and show journalists around. He’s been bored out of his mind ever since.

  • Notes from a Cairo Journalist Being Hounded by Spies and Thugs

    Four journalists have been shot dead in Egypt this week. Dozens of others have been arrested, and I myself—a relatively young reporter—have received death threats. I am now being followed.

  • The Greek Government Tried and Failed to Close Their PBS

    On Tuesday, it was announced that the ERT—Greece's public television network—would be closed down as part of austerity measures the country agreed to when it was bailed out in 2010. Soon after the announcement was made, laid-off workers returned to...

  • Can Britain Handle the Rapes, Killings, and Clans in Somalia?

    There's a big meeting in London tomorrow to talk about all of Somalia's problems. Officials from the UN, the African Union, the IMF, and 50 countries will be there to impart their wisdom/spout platitudes in a bid to help Somalia rebuild itself after...

  • If Only It Was Like That Here

    If you have killed a journalist in Mexico since 1992 you can probably relax about being caught. The impunity rate for murders of members of the press over there is a reassuring 92 percent.

  • Momma's Boys

    Nepotism in the news.