• Syria's Rebel Press Is Fighting Back Against Jihadists

    As ISIS continues to oppress the fledgling media landscape in the north and east of Syria, the ANA New Media Association has pledged to whip up a storm of protest every time a journalist or activist is targeted by the jihadis.

  • Sudan Detained Journalists Who Supported Anti-Government Protests

    In the midst of Sudan's ongoing economic crisis, President Omar Al-Bashir's regime decided to lift fuel subsidies, doubling prices. Citizens began to demonstrate in the streets on September 23rd, and in the last two weeks, authorities detained 70...

  • The Free Syrian Army Press Office would Rather Be Fighting

    Abdul was part of the brigade which took over the border region around Azaz last year. Afterwards, he was assigned to the press office to translate documents and show journalists around. He’s been bored out of his mind ever since.