• The Westgate Attack Shows How Desperate al-Shabaab Have Become

    With the militant group panicking and in disarray, they’re ready to lash out regardless of the consequences. Not content with stoning adulterous women, recruiting child soldiers, and taking young girls as "wives," al-Shabaab wants to set up an Islamic...

  • Somali Jihadists' Growing Pains Are a Pain for Everyone

    Al-Shabaab's Expansion Outside of Somalia Is Bad News

  • Kenya's Slum Abortions Pit God Against Death

    While in Kenya, through a contact at a local radio station, a friend and I were able to access an illegal abortion clinic run by a Catholic doctor. The doctor, Peter, has been running the practice for several years but claims his faith is beginning to...

  • Drinks with the Girls

    I sat down with the working girls at Abu’s, a horrifying hole in the wall bar/brothel on Nairobi’s extremely sketchy River Road, to talk HIV and the proposed legalization of prostitution.