• To Site που Βοηθάει τους Nerds να Αγοράζουν Γκόμενες

    Μία θλιβερή λύση απελπισίας ή ένας ειλικρινής τρόπος επικοινωνίας;

  • P.J. The Narc

    I was dreading going on my marketing class's field trip. Everyone in the class sucked. I breathed a sigh of relief when my teacher told me I'd be rooming with my friend Tal. But then my teacher told me we'd be sharing a room with P.J. the narc.

  • Things Nobody Cares About at Comic-Con

    There’s plenty to love about Comic Con. The sense that you’re participating with your generation and the validation granted by other convention-goers as they smile dutifully to you in passing is great. There’s also a heap that the majority of attendees...

  • Comic-Con 2013 Cosplay Photo Dump

    Comic-Con is a special time of the year, but not just for sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts. It's also like Christmas in July for photographers. Every eccentric within a 20 mile radius of Downtown San Diego can be seen puttering around the convention, either...

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-in #92

    Hello Collectors, this column is my almost-weekly column in which I, Nick Gazin, share news and reviews and photos and links related to comics, illustration, fine art, and nerd things. I hope everyone has fun at San Diego Comic Con without me. I'll be...

  • Are You a Nerd?

    What is a nerd? Are nerds the new cool? That’s what people have been asking since video games started making more money than movies. The reality of nerds is much different than how the media portrays it, as evidenced by American Nerd: The Story of...