• Inside an Immigrant Refugee Camp in Italy

    I gave a camera to a Nigerian immigrant who ended up in a refugee camp in Sicily after crossing the Mediterranean from Libya in a fishing boat. The photos he came back with show what day-to-day life is like for refugees like him.

  • One Senator Kept Child Marriage Alive in Nigeria Last Month

    Thanks to a legal loophole, the average age of marriage for girls in Kebbi State, northern Nigeria, is 11 years old. The law is often manipulated and exploited for perverse ends, but it's rare that one forgotten detail in legislation can affect an...

  • The Hangover News

    George Zimmerman was acquitted this weekend, but you were probably too outraged to believe it. Spontaneous protest marches against the verdict staged in a number of US cities were mostly peaceful, apart from pockets of violence in Oakland, California...

  • New Cocaine Routes Are Ruining West Africa

    At the end of June, the UN held its annual International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Yury Fedotov, head of the UN's Office on Drugs and Crime, gave a speech in which he mentioned that the cocaine trade in Africa is growing, "fueling...

  • A New Episode of 'VICE' on HBO Premieres Tonight

    Those of us who spend our lives in the edifying pursuit of bringing VICE to the world get to see the very tip of our spear—sharp and glimmering in the Friday evening moonlight—rip into America’s living rooms at the end of each week. We also get to see...

  • Religiosity Is Killing in Mississippi

    Fifty-eight percent of Mississippi's residents describe themselves as “very religious.” The state also lays claim to both the highest teen birthrate and the highest HIV rate in young adults. In this experience we call life, there are plenty of...

  • Is This the Century of Africa's Rise?

    For decades, the dominant African narrative in the media was of famine, war, and disease. Recently, in light of a perceived economic upturn and a relative reduction in famine and disease across most of the continent, the narrative has changed to one of...

  • Global Fear League 2013

    It's time yet again for our annual Global Fear League, your guide to which countries will be held up by our media as bastions of terror this year—the year the world finally gives in and surrenders itself to the delicious prospect of all-out war.

  • I Was an Accidental Nigerian Film Star

    My cousin George sure does get himself into some weird situations.

  • World Peace Update

    Terrorists suck at world peace.

  • Tayo Oduntola Stands on Her Own Four Feet

    Life ain't easy for Lagos' only human quadruped.

  • Another Blue Monday in Lagos

    President Goodluck Jonathan is ironically named for Nigeria's angry Occupiers.