• Photographing the Sewer People of Bucharest

    Two years ago, photographer Jen Tse went to Bucharest, Romania, to document the people who have been living desperate lives in the city's sewer system since being forced underground by severe poverty.

  • Horrible People Are Exploiting Cambodia's Orphans

    Once upon a time, long before Angelina Jolie got a mastectomy, she adopted a Cambodian child. As a result, privileged Westerners of all nationalities flocked to the country's orphanages in the hope of simultaneously nurturing a child and their own...

  • A Child's Guide to Good and Evil

    If Brendan Majewski's videos had dicks, they would get blown all the time.

  • Down and Out in Bucharest

    Always a saucy devil, Romania's former Stalinist autocrat Nicolae Ceaușescu was a noisy advocate of boning and rapid population increase.

  • Records

    I know it’s kind of redundant and obvious to make derogatory music-review references to MySpace and Hot Topic in order to make a point about a band.

  • Glue Kids

    When your nights are spent sleeping on cold concrete and your whole family is dead or missing you take what you can get to reach oblivion asafp.