• We Went To An Outback Love Hunt

    With 89 percent of Australians living in cities, we’re the most urbanised country in the world. But with most of our population crammed into cities, you have to feel for the other 11 percent. That’s where B&S or bachelors and spinsters balls come in...

  • Teens Are Being Trapped in Abusive 'Drug Rehab Centers'

    The methods used at these facilities are arguably traceable to an anti-drug cult in the 60s called the Church of Synanon. Their method was to abduct addicts and then “rehabilitate” them through beatings and humiliation. Former patients have been airing...

  • Bush Eating

    So, the Aborigines, seemingly in the first few minutes of their really long tenure on the land have developed a menu that reads something like a list of rejected Fear Factor ideas.

  • Golden Showers

    The Gs, as they are known locally, have tapped into a previously undiscovered vein of gold in a massive quartz reef, which they say runs for about half a kilometre next to their village.