• Pope Francis Is Shockingly Good at Social Media

    My main man in Vatican City has decided to take social media by storm. Pope Benedict shocked the world when he became the first tweeting Pope in history, but his Twitter game was sparse and crappy. In contrast, Francis’s approach to social media brings...

  • Is It Time for an Antipope?

    With a growing amount of skepticism and general apathy regarding the newest papal election, it might be time for the world to resurrect a tradition that died out in the 15th century: antipopes.

  • Seven Dark Horse Candidates for Pope

    Everyone agrees that the next pope, like pretty much every pope in history, will be an old guy who is already a high-ranking member of the Church, but it doesn’t have to be. The new pope doesn't even have to be ordained, technically, and ain't no rule...

  • Religiosity Is Killing in Mississippi

    Fifty-eight percent of Mississippi's residents describe themselves as “very religious.” The state also lays claim to both the highest teen birthrate and the highest HIV rate in young adults. In this experience we call life, there are plenty of...

  • Whoever Wins, We Lose

    Being deep enough into Catholicism to the point where you can be considered to lead the church means not being too forward-thinking. In fact, let's take a gander at the top five candidates—according to, of course, a betting website—and see what they...

  • Hey, Did You Hear the Pope Resigned?

    Pope Benedict XVI resigned on Monday, which seemed like an odd thing to do, considering a pope's resignation usually goes hand-in-hand with the day they stop breathing. We wondered whether anyone in London knew or cared about it.