• Hunting for Illegal Immigrants with the UK Border Police

    Housing is becoming so scarce in London that the government is offering people cash incentives to relocate to smaller homes in the suburbs, and illegal immigrants are crammed into crappy flats rented from dodgy landlords.

  • Bono Says We've Almost Eradicated Poverty

    In a recent TED talk, delivered in Long Beach, California, U2 frontman Bono made a pretty noteworthy announcement: global poverty is on the verge of being eradicated. Check out the video and learn how we can take a stand and end poverty for good.

  • What the Sequester Really Means: The Poor Will Suffer More

    The sequester is a set of automatic budget cuts that reduces funding for all discretionary programs at an equal rate. The cuts aren’t meant to eliminate any programs but simply reduce funding across the board. Get ready for some potentially disastrous...

  • Prisons Punish Families Too

    Imagine your dad was locked up for most of your life. You’d grow up poor, probably full of anger, likely in a louse-filled neighborhood with unseemly influences, and you’d have a greater chance of becoming a whore or a thief or a drug dealer and...

  • What Kids Say About Money

    "I have my fallback plan of being a mime-slash-prostitute."

  • Two Old Flemish Peasants

    "These are photographs that I've taken of two men who are close friends. They live in the same village. One has never had a woman in his life and has always lived in complete dirt. "