• Στους Δύο, Τρίτος Δεν Χωρεί: Το Σπέρμα, το Πέος σου και η Κοκαΐνη​

    Αν πίνεις συνέχεια κόκα, μπορεί να καταλήξεις με πριαπισμό – μια επίμονη και εξαιρετικά επίπονη στύση.

  • White Trash

    I didn’t mean to make a baby with Scott in the closet, on ecstasy, the floor pulsing to the bass of the house music, strobe lights flickering through the crack under the door. Back rubs with agendas were happening everywhere. When I got pregnant, the...

  • Phony Abortion Clinics in Canada Are Scaring Women with Lies

    "Pregnancy crisis centers" supposedly offer no-judgment counselling services for women who want to know what their options are. Most of the time, they won't tell you they're religious organizations hell-bent on persuading you out of getting an abortion.

  • Chesty Preggos

    You want to know what the best part about a dead baby is? No dirty diapers. No diapers at all really. No money spent on formula. No painting bedrooms pink or blue.

  • The Kids Are Alright

    Kids are taking less Class A drugs than their parents ever did and are selling them to older idiots instead.