• I'm Short, Not Stupid Presents: 'Declaration of War'

    Today, right before our 237th Independence Day, I want you to check out a film that you should watch with very little context. All you need to know is that filmmaker Dustin Guy Defa made a batshit crazy supercut of George W. Bush declaring a war on...

  • This Is a Defining Year for WikiLeaks

    WikiLeaks is now established as the go-to organization for those who have something secret they want the world to know or who hear the footsteps of intelligence agencies behind them. What does its future look like?

  • A Brief History of the US Government Spying on Its Citizens

    The NSA’s surveillance of the internet and the phone records of millions of Americans isn't not the first time US government has taken an Big Brotherly interest in its citizens. The feds have been tapping into the private lives of Americans without...

  • Hiding Your Calls and Texts from Big Brother

    Silent Circle is a company that offers a way for individuals and companies to protect their communications from everyone from the NSA to run-of-the-mill identity thieves. They say they don't store your data and that their system is so secure that even...

  • PRISM Index #2

    Jeff Bowers launched PRISM Index, a mixed media art compilation, from the hills of Appalachia, Ohio--a place where creative-types are regularly bludgeoned with Natty Light cans and chewing tobacco spit.