• Piss Testing Is a Failure

    It seems to me like they always pick on the people who are already down when it comes to intrusive nonsense like mandatory drug testing, so the criminals got it first, but it’s becoming more apparent to me that this is a big hustle, and it's not just...

  • The Guys Who Really Should Be Locked Up

    You might think that someone who’s been locked up a lot like me might have more sympathy for inmates, regardless of what their crime is, but I doubt that I do. When I hear a guy sitting next to me in group say he just did 31 years, I really don’t want...

  • Rehab or Prison?

    Intervention-type shows give people the impression that everyone in rehab is on the verge of death, whereas it’s actually filled with heads trying to stay the fuck outta jail. In a lot of ways, it’s just another moneymaking racket.

  • Weediquette - I Called the Marijuana Addiction Hotline

    I laid down the details of my weed smoking—three-to-five times in the evening on weekdays, eight-to-ten times on days off, about an eighth and a half a week, ongoing for about ten years. They immediately concluded that I had a problem.

  • Ex-Junkies Making Junkies

    Indonesian Drug Addicts Made Us Some Sandals

  • I'm Just a Prisoner

    Most people, both screws and inmates, will agree that the level of rehabilitation in prison is slim to none.