• Grizzly Girl

    On September 27th two years ago, my coworker Catherine and I went on a hike to celebrate the end of our summer work season. I have a bad knee from snowboarding and she had previously sprained her ankle, so we decided to take an easy route.

  • What Happened?

    I’m a doctor, but I am currently not practicing. I teach pharmacology at the local community college. I grew up on the reservation, in the towns of Heart Butte and Browning. I ended up studying medicine in kind of a roundabout way.

  • Army Rezerve

    I'm in the Army Reserve. I left for basic training about a year ago. I went to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Right after we finished with basic, we headed straight out to AIT. That stands for advanced individual training.

  • Island Life

    When I was young, twenty years ago, families up here were strong. They were very old fashioned and they all worked together to work things out. Families today don’t seem to be the same.

  • Vice Fashion - Rez Idol

    Brothers Michael and Dean Cross Guns and their friend Clinton Horn are three young Blackfeet men who took a little time to tell you what makes them tick.

  • The History of the World

    I drive a supply truck for Glacier National Park. Anything from toilet paper to shotguns for the rangers. Depends on what they want me to move. I have to bring the season passes over to where people buy them, big-time. The park has about a million...

  • Get Off Your Ass

    I’m the manager of Nin-Nah-Too-Sii (“Chief Sun” in Blackfoot), an employment-contract managing business. We started because of the huge need we have here on the reservation for work.

  • The VICE Guide to Blackfeet Reservation Bars

    There are four bars that you'll want to consider next time you're living on the Blackfeet Indian reservation in northwestern Montana.

  • Boys and Girls

    People like to complain here on the reservation. That’s what they do because that’s what they grew up doing and hearing. Parents say there’s nothing for their kids to do here, but this club has been open for two years under my direction.

  • VICE Pictures - Sightseeing on the Rez

    That means “I am Pikuni.” Pikuni is another word for Blackfeet.

  • Rez Dawg!

    Dogs hold a special place in the Blackfeet culture. They were the beast of burden before the horse was (horses only became an Indian thing after the white Spaniards brought them over). Blackfeet have four periods of history: Creation, Dog Days, Horse...

  • VICE Pictures - Making the Scene on the Rez

    Going for it at the Warbonnet on a Friday night.