robert king

  • Strolling the Champs-Élysées with 120,000 Syrian Refugees

    On August 21, Mohamed watched rockets fly over his village outside Damascus. Rumors spread that the rockets had been loaded with sarin nerve gas. When he returned home, two of his children were dead. Mohamed left Syria, and five days later, I met him...

  • Introducing the Holding Court Issue

    This month's cover by Marcel Dzama is the kind of strange painting you’d want to cut out and put on your wall, only you can’t if you’re just looking at it on your computer like a putz. Get a subscription already.

  • Συρία

    Μια από τις πιο πλήρεις και βάναυσα ειλικρινείς καταγραφές ενός πολέμου που συνεχίζει να αποσταθεροποιεί όλο και περισσότερο την περιοχή της Μέσης Ανατολής

  • The Wizard of the Saddle Rides Again

    In the middle of a park in Memphis, Tennessee, stands a statue of Confederate Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest, one of the most infamous and powerful racists in American history. When the Memphis City Council changed the name of Forrest Park...

  • A Long Way from Home

    What has America done to Chechnya? While we’ll still be searching for more information about the Tsarnaev brothers and what motivated them for months—if not years—to come, their roots in Chechnya and the history of that country are a good place to...

  • John McAfee Is in Guatemala City and He Just Hired the Best Lawyer in the Country

    This morning I had a delicious breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit with John McAfee and his 20-year-old Belizean girlfriend, Sam Vanegas, at a luxurious resort in Guatemala City. We awoke early, preparing for our meeting with powerful Guatemalan lawyer...

  • We Are with John McAfee Right Now, Suckers

    VICE editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro and photographer/videographer Robert King have been following John McAfee for the past four days, documenting his life on the run. Rocco and Robert will continue to follow John until the conclusion of his journey.

  • Inside Aleppo's 'Stalingrad'

    I am traveling with the Free Syrian Army on the front line of the al-Arqub neighborhood in Aleppo. Sniper rounds crack as the bullets zip over our heads. The acidic taste of gunpowder scares my throat and burns my waterless tear ducts. Just a half mile...

  • Our Syria Correspondent Was Interviewed by Wolf Blitzer Tonight

    Robert King, the guy who wrote the sprawling 20-page piece on Syria for this month's issue, discussed the horrifying humanitarian conditions in the country tonight on CNN.

  • Robert King Is the Bulletproof Ghost of Conflict Reporting

    The situation in Syria is like many others throughout history—the eventual fallout of a religious minority ruling and oppressing the majority. I’m just trying to record it all, and I’ll be back soon. That’s the best I can do.

  • Ground Zero: Syria (Trailer)

    We sent renowned war photographer and videographer Robert King to Aleppo to document the conflict that is ripping Syria apart. He returned with footage that has made us very scared and very sad for the future of the country.