• Boss Drum

    I made that skin over there, it's going to be what I bring to the touring exhibition we're going on with our school. The skin is just about finished, all I need are some branches from nature to make a frame.

  • Herd and Destroy

    Up here it's all about metal. You can see for yourself, as soon as a band strays ever so slightly from that monotonous, fast drumming, as soon as they become the least bit inventive, the floor clears at live shows.

  • Arctic Birdie

    Kulturkraft is a school project that has been initiated to make Swedish, Saami and Finnish culture meet without people cussing at each other. As a part of this project one class of Saami kids are making contributions to an art exhibition that will open...

  • Teaching the Teachers

    The first ever church built in Gällivare was the Lapp Church. They collected one penny of every person in Sweden and built it in 1747. It was a part of the christening of the Saami.

  • VICE Fashion - Saami Boarding School

    In 1964 the board of education decided it was time to right some wrongs—like forcing kids to live in weird, exotic tents instead of houses and giving them shitty teachers—and built modern dormitories for Saami students whose parents lived far away.

  • Raising Reindeers

    Most people who race reindeers are Saami. The Finns have been doing it for a long time. For us it started when my dad came into contact with some Finns and together they started the Finnish/Swedish Cup.

  • Snow Place Like Home

    I've just finished my education. I have a master of technology, with computers as my major. I've broadened it with business administration and law.