• Apparently, Women Love 13-Year-Old Skaters Named Baby Scumbag

    Steven Fernandez, a.k.a. Baby Scumbag, is just a normal 13-year-old skater from a bad neighborhood in LA. A normal 13-year-old skater who’s sponsored by a bunch of companies, has 38,000 subscribers on Facebook and 140,000 followers on Instagram, and...

  • This Is What a Skate Magazine Should Look Like

    As skateboarding has grown in popularity and seeped into the lives of an ever-increasing number of households, the industry—and I'm painting with a broad stroke here—has morphed into a more family-friendly, watered-down version of what it once was...

  • Hanging with Al Rogers

    For this week's Mahal, I met up with Baltimore rapper Al Rogers and New York City shredder Eby Ghafarian to cruise the Lower East Side and pregame the release of Al's first ever LP, 'Almost.' Al got his start by reciting poetry then graduated to...

  • Remember Zulu's?

    You might be asking yourself, "Why did two grown men spend their Sunday afternoon in a drainage ditch?" Valid question. Answer: Because we were trying to film some tricks for an upcoming Roger Skateboards video offering.

  • There Was a "Skate Riot" in LA

    WIth the Arab Spring, Occupy, Israel's J14 protests, Mexico's #YoSoy132 movement, and that one Jay-Z/Kanye West music video, it seems that youth-revolt fever is taking over the globe. I guess it was only a matter of time before American youth said...

  • My Parents Are Probably Hoarders

    My parents are hoarders. I didn’t know this growing up, or when I left for college, or even years after graduating. The realization only came to me when I had to clean out their horrid basement.