• Shoob the Weed Snatcher

    Asking a stranger for a hit usually leads not only to stonedness but also to conversation and new acquaintances. I'm the sort that shares weed without a caveat. That's why it's especially unsettling when one friend accuses another of being a sneak.

  • The Panickers

    You can always tell who can't hang from the way they react to someone offering them weed. They get that “I’m not falling for that again” look in their eyes and put their hand up. I always have to ask them why. These are the responses I usually get...

  • Interviews with People Who Just Smoked DMT

    Ever since 'Enter the Void and DMT: The Spirit Molecule' showed up on Netflix Instant, kids have been going gaga over Dimethyltryptamine. Earlier this year, writer John Barclay came across some, shared it with his pals, and talked to them about their...

  • Backrolling

    Like anyone, I’ve established routines throughout my life. There’s a certain way that I brush my teeth, make my bed, peel an orange, and navigate my way through town. But today, I'm trying a new way to roll.

  • Getting High with the Family

    There’s an obvious connection between Thanksgiving and marijuana known only to those who arrive at the family smorgasbord after a conveniently timed “walk around the block” and those vigilant relatives who greet this entry with a nod and a smile.

  • No Smoking in Lebanon

    When the Lebanese government passed a ban on smoking indoors in public spaces just over a month ago, most people here were skeptical.